The 7 rules of using video on your e-commerce site

Posted on July 24, 2018 by Chris Leek

Videos provide visitors with a richer shopping experience, which makes them a very effective tool to increase sales.

Research proves that if you add videos to your webshop landing and product pages, the people who look at your video are 50 per cent more likely to buy your items as a result – so it’s definitely worth investing in great content.

According to market researcher Pernille Kok-Jansen, younger consumers are turning to YouTube as their primary search engine, a practice which she calls “yougling”

As the importance of video is definitely now proven, we have put together 7 key pointers to help you when coordinating your video content:

1. Make an overview video for your homepage 

This will help entice visitors and lead them to other areas of your site

2. Highlight popular product categories

Produce video montages and lifestyle clips to show off your most popular product ranges

3. Make it interactive

Clickable videos make shopping a lot easier for the visitor

4. Feature overview videos on category pages as well

These will give customers an overall view of the products within that category

5. Pay attention to the lighting

Good lighting is as key in videos as it is in photographs. Don’t waste money on cheap videography that looks dark or amateur.

6. Ask models to move

If you are using models, ask them to move around – showing products off at a 360-degree angle so customers can see every detail

7. Zoom in on the details

The beauty is in the detail – customers like to see fastenings, trims, edging, motifs and fabrics so use the zoom to highlight each feature in all its glory

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